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Website Accessibility Statement

We want everyone to be able to use this website regardless of their computer knowledge or disabilities. We have designed our website to be as accessible as possible, in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Our commitment to accessibility

The government requires that all public sector websites – whether for central or local government – should meet the W3C’s guidelines on accessibility to WAI Level AA standard.

To ensure that this happens, we have developed our website following globally recognised web standards and accessibility guidelines.

The site is developed using valid XHTML and cascading style sheets (CSS). Our site content is separated from presentational elements, which makes it available to any visitors that use technologies such as a screen reader or text only browser.

We strive to achieve and maintain levels of accessibility that conform to the AA standard, but in our attempts to keep the website content up to date, we may occasionally publish content that does not meet all of the guidelines required for AA standard. Where this happens, we have in place periodic website reviews that are designed to identify any such issues with a view to rectifying and maintaining compliance across the site wherever possible.

Help with seeing the page

You can easily make changes in your computer to help you see what’s written on the page more clearly.

Most internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, allow you to force the text on a web page to be the size and colour you want.

Many operating systems also come with a built-in screen magnifier that allows you to enlarge a portion of the page to several times the original size.

Help on adjusting your computer settings can be viewed on the AbilityNet website.

Help with your keyboard and mouse

Many people think they can’t use a computer because they can’t use a mouse, but it’s perfectly possible to do away with your mouse and use a keyboard instead.

If you can use a mouse, but find it difficult, there are ways to make your mouse easier to use.

Further information on using your keyboard and mouse can also be found on the AbilityNet website.

If you have any website accessibility issues please get in touch 

COVID-19 Notice

Whilst the temptation to wheel out the bike and take to the road is great, especially considering to fine weather we are experiencing at the moment, please take time to consider the implications:

  • Going for a motorcycle ride is not essential use
  • Riding in groups does not reflect a responsible approach to the current situation and will only enforce the negative image of bikers that non bikers hold
  • At some point you will have to stop and if you are in a group you will no longer be social distancing
  • You are putting yourself and others at risk. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash the extra unnecessary burden you will put on the already over stretched NHS staff will be YOUR FAULT because your ride was not essential