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Featured Riders

AHYJPJ Senior man, in leather jacket, standing beside red motorbike on driveway, smiling, side view, portrait

We believe there’s no better way to have a positive impact on our biking community than to celebrate those riders who contribute to it most greatly.

From club leaders, fundraisers to those with all-round biking spirit and road safety ambassadors, so many people in our county embody what it means to be an inspirational rider. It’s our ambition to hero the men and women that Kent’s biking community are proud of.

Our current featured riders are:


As one of the most regular faces at our county’s charity runs, Colin also organises escorts for fallen riders and those being bullied. He’s celebrated for going the extra mile to bring fellow bikers and their families together.


Alan was nominated because of his incredible efforts for the Royal British Legion. He’s a fundraiser who gives back to the community regularly and without complaint.

Would you like to vote for a biker to be featured on our website? Nominate someone you believe contributes to Kent’s great biking culture via our [email protected]

COVID-19 Notice

Whilst the temptation to wheel out the bike and take to the road is great, especially considering to fine weather we are experiencing at the moment, please take time to consider the implications:

  • Going for a motorcycle ride is not essential use
  • Riding in groups does not reflect a responsible approach to the current situation and will only enforce the negative image of bikers that non bikers hold
  • At some point you will have to stop and if you are in a group you will no longer be social distancing
  • You are putting yourself and others at risk. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash the extra unnecessary burden you will put on the already over stretched NHS staff will be YOUR FAULT because your ride was not essential