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About Kent Bikers

Biker in helmet driving chopper motorcycle on sunset. Road in the city. Front view over the sky.

We strive to reduce life-changing and life-ending events on our roads

Kent County Council’s Statutory Duty for ‘road safety’ means we collect and publish casualty data, analyse it to identify causation factors and target audiences, and provide information, advice and training to help road users make informed choices.

Our work focuses on educating road users about the responsibilities they have and the choices that they should take when travelling on Kent’s roads, and how their actions can lead to road crashes and human casualty.

Not all road users will choose to do the ‘right’ thing all the time, so many of our messages have links to legal consequences; the fear of detection can have a strong influence on behaviour.

“Speak Out was an outstanding programme […] with the right mix of research, behavioural change techniques and a clear focus on their target market” before going on to say that the campaign was “truly exceptional”.

best new scheme of year award at the firstcar young driver road safety awards

Award-winning campaigns

The Kent Road Safety team delivers professional and conscientious services to the people of Kent, and remain committed to reducing the human cost of road crashes.

The quality of the teams work has received national and international recognition. This is based on peer and expert assessment of our ability to construct and deliver targeted messages.

COVID-19 Notice

Whilst the temptation to wheel out the bike and take to the road is great, especially considering to fine weather we are experiencing at the moment, please take time to consider the implications:

  • Going for a motorcycle ride is not essential use
  • Riding in groups does not reflect a responsible approach to the current situation and will only enforce the negative image of bikers that non bikers hold
  • At some point you will have to stop and if you are in a group you will no longer be social distancing
  • You are putting yourself and others at risk. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash the extra unnecessary burden you will put on the already over stretched NHS staff will be YOUR FAULT because your ride was not essential