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Welcome to Kent Bikers: a community hub for our county’s motorcyclists.

As a website built by and maintained by local motorcyclists, it’s our mission to have a real and positive impact on the biking community – but we don’t stop there. With motorcyclists representing less than 1% of traffic on Kent’s roads but involved in more than 25% of killed and seriously injured (KSI) crashes, change is needed. By bringing together Kent’s riders to share knowledge, inspiration and safety advice, we endeavour to create a better and safer county for both bikers and for other road users alike.

Fuelled by stunning road networks, real club spirit and a calendar full of unmissable events, we also celebrate this county’s rich biking scene. So whether you’re a new or lifelong rider, Kent Bikers is your very own guide to all things motorbike related in Kent. Use us, explore us and share us within your own biking networks.