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Welcome to Kent Bikers: a community hub for our county’s motorcyclists.

As a website built by and maintained by local motorcyclists, it’s our mission to have a real and positive impact on the biking community – but we don’t stop there. With motorcyclists representing less than 1% of traffic on Kent’s roads but involved in more than 25% of killed and seriously injured (KSI) crashes, change is needed. By bringing together Kent’s riders to share knowledge, inspiration and safety advice, we endeavour to create a better and safer county for both bikers and for other road users alike.

Fuelled by stunning road networks, real club spirit and a calendar full of unmissable events, we also celebrate this county’s rich biking scene. So whether you’re a new or lifelong rider, Kent Bikers is your very own guide to all things motorbike related in Kent. Use us, explore us and share us within your own biking networks.

COVID-19 Notice

Whilst the temptation to wheel out the bike and take to the road is great, especially considering to fine weather we are experiencing at the moment, please take time to consider the implications:

  • Going for a motorcycle ride is not essential use
  • Riding in groups does not reflect a responsible approach to the current situation and will only enforce the negative image of bikers that non bikers hold
  • At some point you will have to stop and if you are in a group you will no longer be social distancing
  • You are putting yourself and others at risk. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash the extra unnecessary burden you will put on the already over stretched NHS staff will be YOUR FAULT because your ride was not essential